Ombricolo Country House L'Ombricolo
      Country House Hospitality in the Ageless Heart of Italy
living room

Picture yourself ...

... relaxing in the arched interior of an ancient stone farmhouse, now made luxurious with comfortable seating and local antiques.

... dining at a huge table hewn from time-smoothed wood, in a stone-floored kitchen where wall-mounted taps dispense hot water, cold water, and fresh olive oil.

... enjoying a poolside drink while sunset tints the hills of Umbria just across the Tiber valley.

... or, on a crisp evening, sharing antipasti before a roaring hearth while you plan the next day's exploration.

... walking nearby vineyards, fields, and "white roads" to an ancient aqueduct deep in the woods.

... creating your own blend of privacy, conversation, learning, and day trips to make a perfect holiday.


This is L'Ombricolo.

The grace and comfort of English country living melded with Italy's sensuous joy in the simple pleasures of life.


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